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Fishing has been very variable but a rare visitor seen on the South Pond

Fishing is very fickle

Fishing is very fickle from day to day. The South Pond remains clear of weed but residual clumps remain on the pond bed which can be dragged in when ledgering. Most weed is in the middle of the pond where the weed cutting boat could not reach the bottom to remove the die back.


Paul Moriarty ('Prof') landed a dozen or more carp one day in mid November then blanked on other days as others have done. Even the cormorants gave up because most fish were under cover as the weather became colder and the colour dropped from the water.


Bread or dead red maggot as hook bait have tended to work lately but there is no guarantee! Fishing to the trees bordering "Fairlawns"− from either bank or three quarters out towards the aerators may be successful. Then again I have caught much shorter. Take your pick.


Goosander on the South Pond!

A female Goosander arrived at the South Pond during the last week of November and has stayed. It is a relatively rare sighting and the first time a Goosander has been seen on the South or North Ponds in recent decades. It is a medium-sized duck and a member of a group called the 'sawbills' because of their long, narrow bills with separations which are good for gripping fish. It is also perfectly shaped for swimming after and catching fish, having a streamlined body when swimming. They first bred in the UK in 1871 and numbers have been slowly increasing since then, but most that are seen are likely to have migrated in from Europe for the winter as conditions become harsher in their summer quarters. This one probably saw an excellent opportunity at the South Pond after the weed had been cut, making the fish much more accessible. The photo unfortunately is not very clear as the Goosander was at the far side of the pond on a patch of grass, probably digesting its breakfast.


Most water birds have moved to the North Pond

Although the Goosander has taken up residence on the South Pond, the Cormorants, other ducks, Coots and Moorhens seem to have migrated to the North Pond. Just a few Coots remain. The Cormorants have regularly travelled between the South and North ponds but the rest is probably due to feeding the ducks at the viewing area. Even the pair of Tufted ducks on the North Pond appear and swim closer when feeding is taking place.


Memberships being processed by post

Memberships are being processed by post to ensure that Covid distancing rules are observed. Renewals and new memberships are all being processed.


January and February activities

At the time of writing (early December) matches are still cancelled, until further notice. Check our web site for the latest information. Hopefully, now that a vaccine is available, things will begin to return to normal in 2021.


Joining the Club

If you are interested in joining the club please contact our membership secretary Cathy Naylor on 07934-895513 for an application form. Alternatively, applications can be made by downloading a membership form from the website and sending, with an SAE, to our membership secretary (details on the form and on the web site). Membership renewals and applications are only being processed by post. The membership year runs from mid-June. Membership renewals and applications for the 2020-21 season are open.


Membership is open to anyone who lives in Bishops Waltham, plus a number of Associate membership places (for those living outside the Parish). Priority is given to Parish membership (especially juniors), but anyone living outside of the Parish wishing to join should contact Cathy for an Associate Membership place.

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