Bishops Waltham Parish Fishing Club

Good size fish caught in the first Match Series event, future matches cancelled due to weed problem but the Kingfisher is still fishing

First Match Series match started well but weed was a problem

Nine anglers fished the first Match Series match. It was good at the start but then the rain arrived. Weed was a major issue which hampered all of the competitors, especially allowing hooked fish to escape when bringing them to the net. About eight good carp were lost and many silvers. The winner was Stuart Martin on swim 15 with 20lb 2oz, second was Harvey May with 16lb 1 oz and third was Andy Weavil. Associate winner was Chris Shepherd. Although not in the top three, Jack, James and Clifford Martin all caught good size fish.


Cygnets have adopted the South Pond

When the water stopped flowing from the North Pond to the South Pond at the end of September the five cygnets relocated to the South Pond. The parents still venture back and forth between the two ponds now that they do not need to keep a close eye on their family. They are all eating their way through the weed in the South pond but not making a big difference. After the heavy rain at the start of October the water level in the North Pond is up again and water is flowing over the sluice again.

Kingfisher seen patrolling the South pond

The excessive weed growth does not seem to have stopped the Kingfisher fishing. He (or she) is regularly seen skimming across the South Pond, finding a perch to fish from. When fishing is slow for anglers the Kingfisher is often a lot more successful!

Hand Car Wash is a major concern

A hand car wash has been started up on the site of the old filling station, next to the North Pond. This has raised concerns about potential run-off of detergents into the North Pond and from there into the South Pond and the River Hamble. The Environment Agency have been notified and are investigating. David Mclean has also been following it up with Winchester Planning as it does not have planning permission. A cessation notice has been issued but at the time of writing the car wash was still in operation. An oily film has been seen on the surface of the water in the North Pond next to the filling station.

Memberships now being processed

Memberships are being processed by post to ensure that Covid distancing rules are observed. Renewals and new memberships are all being processed.

November and December activities

The match calendar had to be reworked taking into account the latest rules on lockdown and social distancing. After starting matches in July and August, there was then a break in matches until the Match Series started at the end of September. With the pressure on dates to fit matches in, arrangements allowed for leisure fishing to take place alongside match fishing but on opposite sides of the South Pond.

Unfortunately, with the amount of weed growth, future matches are cancelled until further notice. These are the dates if matches are reinstated.

Check our web site for the latest information.

Joining the Club

If you are interested in joining the club please contact our membership secretary Cathy Naylor on 07934-895513 for an application form. Alternatively, applications can be made by downloading a membership form from the website and sending, with an SAE, to our membership secretary (details on the form and on the web site). Membership renewals and applications are only being processed by post. The membership year runs from mid-June. Membership renewals and applications for the 2020-21 season are now open.

Membership is open to anyone who lives in Bishops Waltham, plus a number of Associate membership places (for those living outside the Parish). Priority is given to Parish membership (especially juniors), but anyone living outside of the Parish wishing to join should contact Cathy for an Associate Membership place.

Club web site

For more information about the club and its activities, the club's web site can be found at:

Barry Jerome and Andy Weavil