Bishops Waltham Parish Fishing Club

Match anglers fished in T-shirts during a mild October, vandalised notice boards to be replaced

Only two points between the leader and second place in the Match Series

Matches three and four of the Match Series were fished during a very mild October which saw anglers fishing in T-shirt’s as the weather warmed and the sun came out. The draws took place at 6 30am, very early for some, and fishing started at 7am until 12pm so anglers could get home for their Sunday lunch.

Those anglers who regularly fish the matches know that peg 1 and peg 18 are the hot pegs to draw as they regularly produce fish and often the winner. The two matches in October were no different and the winners of both matches came from pegs 1 and 18. This year has been especially challenging for match anglers with an unusual extra hazard to challenge their fishing skills.

The South Pond currently has a weed problem in some areas and getting to the fish and presenting a bait that looks natural, is very difficult. The problem with the weed occurred after a long period of wet weather which saw both the North and South pond remain in flood for a longer than normal time. We had been trying to get pond weed established in the South Pond for many years without success. This year it grew, and didn't stop!

Our associate members can fish for their own trophy during this match series and with only Rod Langthorne and Chris Sheppherd match fishing at present the lead has been changing between the two. Matches 3 and 4 were both won by Rod who now takes a two point lead. Rod managed to land 26lb 9oz of carp from peg three fishing towards the trees during match 3 and bettered that with 27lb 10oz of carp in match 4 from peg 18. Its anybody’s still to win with only half the match series fished so far.

For the parish members the lead had been between Paul Collins and Roger Pilling. In Match 3 Paul beat Roger into second place, meaning that Paul held a slender lead of two points. Paul won Match 3 with 27lb 3oz from peg 18, while Roger weighed in 11 lb 5oz from peg 1. Roger was unable to attend Match 4 , meaning that with a good result, Paul could take advantage of Roger being away to gain points. However this was not to be as Paul was unable to find any carp, finishing the match next to last. The winner of match 4 was Andy Weavil, who has attended many matches but has never previously been able to find the carp and take a win. This time Andy drew peg 1, which had been producing good fish, and managed to land some fine carp including one fish weighing in at 8lb 6oz.

The final results were:

Associate members:

Match 3 Match 4
Rod Langthorne 26 lb 9 oz Rod Langthorne 27 lb 10 oz
Chris Sheppherd 4 lb 13 oz Chris Sheppherd 20 lb 1 oz

Parish members:

Match 3 Match 4
Paul Collins 27 lb 3 oz Andy Weavil 21 lb 8 oz
Roger Pilling 11 lb 5 oz Roland Palmer 9 lb 0 oz
Roland Palmer 10 lb 12 oz Steve Edge 8 lb 8 oz

Notice Board to be replaced urgently to curb poaching

Following the vandalism and destruction of the notice boards earlier in the year the club has decided on a design that will be more vandal proof. The costs are very high though for these robust notice boards. The Club is funding the first one and we are hoping to be able to get a grant towards the cost of two others.

Type of replacement board

Vandalised board

Since the notice boards were destroyed there has been an increase in poaching on the pond, with the excuse being used that there are not notices to say it is members only. We need members contributions in annual subscriptions to fund maintenance work on the pond as well as other Club activities. Poachers are taking advantage of others' hard work without contributing anything themselves. On one occasion a 4x4 was seen to back up on the duck observation area and adults dropped off four youngsters with fishing tackle, none of whom were members. Young angler membership has always been a priority of the Club, with a special junior match series and junior prizes, as well as providing tuition and advice.

Will there be floods this winter?

Flooding at the South Pond Spring 2014

Latest information about the water table is that it is several metres above the level at the same time last year. With all of the recent rain, water levels in the pond have been rising and falling due to run-off from roads and ditches. If the rains continue then we could be in for scenes similar to last year when many of the fishing swims were under water.

December and January activities

Leisure fishing continues as usual during December and into the New Year. There are several matches still to fish until mid-March, the traditional end of the fishing year. Although competitive, the matches are always very friendly affairs. Come along and try your luck! The Match Series continues during December, there is also the Silver Fish match, where carp do not count in the weigh-in, and the Hangover match at the end of December. All matches are on a Sunday. Match anglers please note that there was an error in the Match calendar and the Silver Fish match is on 14th (not 13th) December. A replacement calendar can be printed off from the web site.

Joining the Club

If you are interested in joining the club please contact our membership secretary Cathy Naylor on 07934-895513, or contact our chairman Roland Palmer (after 6pm) on 01489-894063 for an application form. More information is available, and a form can be downloaded, from our web site. The membership year runs from mid-June.

Membership is open to anyone who lives in Bishops Waltham, plus a number of Associate membership places (for those living outside the Parish). Priority is given to Parish membership (especially juniors), but anyone living outside of the Parish wishing to join should contact Cathy to see if there are Associate Membership spaces remaining for the 2014/15 season.

It is rare for anglers not to catch fish at the pond, which makes it ideal both for more experienced anglers and for youngsters starting out. As a mixed fishery, with fish like carp, roach, rudd, bream, perch and the odd eel - there is something for everyone. There are carp to 10lb plus, many between 6lb and 8lb, lots of roach, bream and also perch over 1lb. If you love your fishing and don’t want to travel far then join us - your local club. Its always nice to see new anglers on the bank and hopefully we will also see you at the matches.

Club web site

For more information about the club and its activities, the club's web site can be found at:

Paul Collins and Barry Jerome