Points Only match, Match Series and Pairs Match results, Pond dipping shows good water quality, new membership season

Evening match sunny and clear water

The Points Only match was fished in glorious weather, three of the normal six anglers turned up, two were away fishing other matches, and it was good to see Roger Pilling back. We all chose to fish the sunny side and out of the wind. When the wind dropped and the sun shone, it was lovely. With crystal clear water, most thought that we would struggle to catch fish. The pegs chosen did give the fish some cover, pegs three and four are either side of a tree which hangs in the water and peg 9 had a ripple on the surface. Unfortunately Steve Edge had neither tree nor ripple and finished with just 23 fish.

First with 151 fish was Paul Collins fishing pole and maggot on peg 9, second on peg 3 was Roger Pilling with 87 fish, fishing Bolognese rod and bead punch. Chris Shepherd was third with 79 fish from peg 4, fishing pole and maggot. Paul had more of a ripple on the water at his peg so thinks that's why he caught more fish.

Match Series final results

The top three positions in the Match Series (best 6 results from 8) are:

Senior Match Cup

Pos Name
1 Paul Collins 58
2 Steve Edge 48
3 Roland Palmer 47

Associate Cup

Pos Name
1 Rod Langthorne 56
2 Nick Richardson 52
3 Chris Shepherd 48

Steve and Rod win the Pairs Match

Sunday the 13th March 2011 saw the final match of the season, and although the winners of both the Match Series and the Associate Cup had been decided, we still had the pairs trophy to fish for. The names of all six anglers went into a hat, and were drawn out to select partners for the Pairs Match. With the names drawn the anglers drew their pegs and with Steve Edge on peg 1 and his pairs partner, Rod Langthorne on peg 9, they were the pair to beat.

Steve fished a feeder towards the trees and won convincingly with 45lb 9oz of carp. Steve's weight was twice that of anyone else and comfortably placed him first. His weight was also sufficiently large that it would have won the Pairs Match, even if his Pairs partner, Rod, had not weighed in. Rod did add his 6lb 4oz of silver fish to the winning weight and between them they had a grand total of 51lb 12oz. Included in Rod's catch was a nice Roach of 1lb.

The second pairing of Nick and Roland Palmer weighed in 34lb exactly. Roland was fishing on peg 2 and had 21lb of carp and his partner Nick fishing peg 16 had 13lb of carp and silvers with a superb Roach/Bream Hybrid of 2lb 14oz.

The final pair of Paul Collins and Chris Shepperd finished with 25lb 12oz.

The individual results were:

Pos Name
1 Steve Edge 45lb-9oz
2 Paul Collins 23lb-0oz
3 Roland Palmer 21lb-0oz
4 Nick Richardson 13lb-0oz
5 Rod Langthorne 6lb-4oz
6 Chris Shepherd 2lb-12oz

Pond Dipping shows good water quality

In preparation for the Pond Event on 18th June, some water samples were taken to see what might be found to view through the microscope. Richard Osmond, of Roslyne Ecological, took samples at several places. Invertebrates found were:

Hoglouse, Freshwater Shrimp, Midge larva, Caseless Caddis larva, Swimming Mayfly, Cased Caddis larva, Large Red Damselfly larva, "Blue" Damselfly larva, Bladder Snail.

The number of invertebrates found indicated a low biodiversity, possibly due to the high fish population, however the species found indicated a good water quality.

May & June activities

For the first time there will be no Close Season on the pond this Spring, so individual pleasure angling will continue. There will be no matches until next season's competitions start in June. The full match calendar will be published on the web site and sent out with membership papers.

The main activities in May and June will be work parties. Paul Collins has been working hard during the season on pond maintenance and bailiffing, but more hands are needed to tackle some of the jobs. When work parties are taking place it will be necessary to close the pond.

Joining the Club

If you are interested in joining the club please contact our membership secretary Cathy Naylor on 01489-890086, or contact our chairman Roland Palmer (after 6pm) on 01489-894063 for an application form. More information is available, and a form can be downloaded, from our web site.

Subscription amounts for the new season, which starts in June, have been kept the same as for the current season. This recognises the financial pressures on our members in the current environment. Membership is open to anyone who lives in Bishops Waltham, plus a small number of Associate membership places (for those living outside the Parish). Priority is always given to Parish membership, especially juniors. All of the Associate membership places were taken up for the 2010-2011 season and there is a waiting list for places for next season. Anyone living outside of the Parish wishing to join should contact Cathy to put their name on the waiting list.

Two mornings allocated for renewing membership at the pond

As an experiment this year, two mornings have been allocated for renewing/joining at the pond. Parish members can renew on Sat 21st May 10am-1pm at the Club's lock-up. (This is on the corner of Station Road near the large tree). Associate members can renew/join on Sat 18th June 10am-1pm. This is during the Ponds Event, being organised by the North Pond Conservation Group. The Fishing Club will have a stand at the event.

Club web site

For more information about the club and its activities, the club's web site can be found at: