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Club Rules


 1. Proof of membership (ie. The Club Membership Card and ID Card) and current rod licence must be carried at all times whilst on Club waters and produced on request. If documents can not be produced you will be asked to leave.

2. Night fishing is permitted for senior members, juniors over 16 and juniors accompanied by an adult member (i.e. 18 years and over). Juniors under 16 are not permitted in the pond area unaccompanied during the hours of darkness. Only one junior per senior member and they must fish in the same or adjacent swims.

3. No lethal weapons, fires, radios or musical instruments, no interfering with trees, fences, wildlife and sluices. Footpaths are to be adhered to at all times, undergrowth between swims must not be trampled down. Bicycles must not be ridden around the pond banks/paths. Gates on Station Road are not to be left unlocked.

4. Anyone leaving litter is liable to immediate expulsion. Swims must be kept clean of litter while fishing, even if it is not yours.

5. Bank fishing only, no boats, dinghies, etc. A maximum of 2 rods may be used on all swims except 17 and 19 i.e. if 2 people are fishing on one swim only one rod each may be used. On swims 17 & 19 a max. of 4 rods may be used i.e. 2 per person.

6. All coarse fish must be returned to the water alive (including eels).

7. Transfer of fish between waters is strictly forbidden without written permission of the committee and the Environment Agency (EA).

8. All fish must be returned to the water immediately from March to September inclusive, from October to March fish except carp and tench may be kept in a keepnet. The only exception is in competitions, or for the witnessing of a specimen fish, when a keepnet/carp sack may be used. The minimum size is 2 meters x 120 cm circumference and a knotless variety.

9. No fishing from “Fairlawns” bank and the overflow wall, or from the bank to the left of swim 1 and the duck feeding area.

10. Landing nets and disgorgers are COMPULSORY equipment. Large fish must be unhooked on a carp mat or other form of protection.

11. The discovery of distressed fish should be reported immediately to a committee member.

12. Good behaviour is expected at all times.

13. A separate additional set of rules will be maintained for match fishing.

14. Barbless or microbarb hooks MUST be used when fishing all club waters.

15. Rods must not be left unattended if the hooks are baited.

16. Care must be taken to ensure water birds do not become entangled with lines, etc.

17. Bottles, (e.g. Coke, lemonade, …) and tins (e.g. Luncheon meat, sweetcorn, …) must not be taken to the pond. The contents of tins must be transferred to a suitable bait container before fishing.

18. If there is a competition on the pond all swims must be vacated at least two hours before the draw is due to take place – including evening matches. No pleasure fishing during a match (at the discretion of the match organiser).

19. When night fishing care must be taken not to annoy other members who are fishing, e.g. Shining lights on the water. Making a noise etc.

20. EXCHANGE TICKETS: To extend the range of waters available the Club exchanges membership books with a small number of other clubs. These exchange tickets are available from the Secretary and treasurer.

21. Tickets may be booked in advance, but must be returned on the same day as the fishing trip so that they are available for other members to collect. Failure to return tickets on time will immediately forfeit the member’s right for future use. Members are responsible for ensuring that they conform to the other Club’s rules whilst fishing. These are described in the exchange ticket book.

22. Any member under 12 years old must fish with another member preferably in adjacent or double swims.

23. No "Method" type feeders allowed (This includes any rig to which ground bait is attached on the outside in any form what so ever).
  No fixed feeders of any type are allowed. All feeders are to be free running. No "bolt" rigs.

24. A hook length of a lower breaking strain than the main line must be used on all rigs. NO BRAIDED HOOK LENGTHS TO BE USED.

25. NO FLOATING BAITS TO BE USED AT ANY TIME. All baits must be below the surface of the water.

Special rules for pike fishing on the pond

1. Pike may be fished for from 1st October to 14th March.

2. All pike must be returned to the water alive.

3. Livebaits and freshwater deadbaits are prohibited. Seafish deadbaits may be used.

4. Forceps and stout glove are mandatory when intentionally fishing for pike to avoid injury to both the pike and the club member.

5. Gags must not be used, regardless of design.