Evening Series Matches 1 & 2  -  20.6.15 and 4.7.15

Weed Problems and Fish Welfare in Matches.

The Match Secretary has agreed with Committee to fish the  Station Road swims (13 to 19)  
only  for the first 2 Evening Matches.
    - If more than 7 members fish on these dates, then swims 6-9 on the Winchester Road will be used. as these swims are relatively weed free.
    - swims 10-12 are too shallow

The permitted fishing styles for these 2 matches from any drawn swim will be WAGGLER or POLE ONLY. 

Why? :

Weed spread  below the surface restricts leger/feeder fishing from most swims.
        - T
he weed in front of Station Road swims is less dense and extensive but large sub surface patches do exist from  mid distance on and
         off swim 19 to trees

     - there is dense and extensive weed off the Winchester Road bank to the trees and middle of the Pond..in particular from swims 1-5

     -  there is great concern that feeder fishing will result in fish welfare being compromised:  
        eg.  hauling fish through weed with heavier lines causing damage to stock
plus making good bait presentation very difficult

Limiting fishing styles to waggler or pole fishing only achieves a more even platform for competition between anglers.

3. These Match changes may remain for the rest of the Evening Series. Members will be notified.

Match Secretary - Paul Collins