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Match Rules

1. Ground bait may be wetted, keepnets positioned and plumb the depth is allowed before the starting signal but no other breaking of the water is allowed.

2. A competitor shall have in use only one rod, one line and one hook at a time, but may have other rods assembled for use behind the competitor .

3. Competitors may use catapults, throwing sticks, swim feeders, bait droppers but no artificial aids.

4. All fish must be kept alive in a keepnet (knotless) with a minimum size of 2.5 meters x 120 cm circumference. Keepnets must be left in the water until the weigh-in. Two nets are to be used in all matches, one for silver fish and one for carp. No more than 60lb is to be kept in one net. If a second net is not available then the angler is to weigh in before continuing with the match.

5. Any competitor who has any fish which are in obvious distress must report the fact to the Match Secretary or steward who will weigh and return them.

6. Any bait may be used EXCEPT live or dead fish, spinning or artificial lures.

7. Any competitor leaving their peg MUST withdraw tackle and bait from the water, hooks MUST NOT be left baited on the bank.

8. All competitors must play and land their own fish. Fish hooked prior to the finishing signal may be weighed-in if landed within 15 minutes of the finishing signal.

9. Peg numbers must not be changed after the draw.

10. Any contestant found to have litter in their swim will be disqualified – even if the litter was already in the swim.

11. Stewards decision shall be final regarding the weight of any catch.

12. Any complaints about the behaviour of another competitor must be made within 30 minutes of the end of the match.

13. No competitors will be allowed to fish after the end of the match, until all competitors have been weighed-in.

14. Competitors should not encroach on a fellow members swim. The fishing limit shall be a line mid-way between the pegs either side. Casting may not be more than half way across the pond when the opposite side is pegged.

15. All swims must be vacated at least two hours before any draw takes place for competition. CHECK YOUR MATCH PROGRAMME.

16. Any competitor found to be in contravention of these rules, or any other club rule, shall be liable to disqualification or other penalty decided on by the committee.

17. Swims for all matches will be drawn on the first come/first served basis – a half-hour before the match starts. Priority will be given to full members over associate members at the draw in a rare event that there are more members present than available swims.

18. Juniors who are over 16 when the season opens must fish in the senior match series.

19. Competitors MUST stay in their swims until the end of the match. If no longer fishing then they MUST return their fish to the water, pack up and leave the pond area and not interfere with those fishing. In order to weigh in competitors must remain in their swims until the end of the match.

20. Pike caught in matches may be weighed-in.