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 How to Find Club waters

  The South Pond

 The pond is situated between the main Winchester to Fareham road and Station road in Bishops Waltham. It contains most species with carp, rudd, roach and bream being most predominant. Double figure carp have been caught from the pond and members are requested to report the capture of any such fish. The TOM DUKE TROPHY will be presented for the heaviest carp caught during the season. Please also report the capture of any tench or perch to the committee. Members are requested to fish in designated swims only, not to trample reed beds and to keep to designated paths.

 South pond map

River Hamble

 The stretch is about 500 meters long and although it is only about 3 meters wide and 60 cm deep it has many deep pools. With fast flowing stretches which hold some good fish. The river contains a mixed population of native brown trout and course fish including grayling, roach, rudd, bream and perch. The course fish population has been added to over the past few years with fish from the pond and also other stock supplied by the EA/NRA.

 Hamble mapPark in the 4-car layby on the Botley road, walk down to the river, follow the river downstream to the railway line. Go up over the embankment - the top boundary is the fence over the river in the corner of the field.