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(formed 1980)


1.NAME: Bishops Waltham Parish Fishing Club.


i) To promote and protect the best interests of anglers in the Parish.
ii) To maintain and improve the Bishops Waltham Pond, for the benefit of both anglers and local residents.
iii) To acquire fishing rights on other waters if possible.
iv) To organise matches.

3.COMMITTEE: The Committee will include:

         President           Match Secretary
         Chairman           Treasurer
         Secretary            Bailiffs

4. AGM: This will be held by the end of April, the exact date at the committee’s discretion.

5.MEMBERSHIP: This is open to the following categories:

i) Residents of the parish of Bishops Waltham

- Committee members who live outside the Parish.
- Owners of business within the Parish.

There are 3 types of full membership:

JUNIOR (anyone still in full time secondary education).
FAMILY (2 adults + 2 juniors maximum, with a maximum of 2 voting rights)

ii) Guests of Members

There are 2 types of temporary membership available for guests of members. These are:

-Weekly membership at half the annual subscription.
-A 24 hour permit at 25% of the annual subscription.

One permit per member at any one time. Tickets must be purchased a minimum of 24 hours in advance by the member in person. The member must accompany their guest at all times and the guest must be in possession of a current rod licence. The member is responsible for their guest’s actions.

iii) Associate Members

There are 3 types of associate membership:

JUNIOR (anyone still in full time secondary education)
FAMILY (2 adults + 2 juniors maximum)

If not all membership spaces are taken up by those eligible for full membership then a small number of ‘associate members’ may be allowed to join. Associate membership does not confer an automatic right to rejoin the club the following year as those eligible for full membership will be given priority.

Associate members will be accepted at the discretion of the committee to a maximum of 20% of the total membership (family associate membership will count as two members for the percentage). Existing associate members may rejoin after 1st June if there are spare places. Associate members on the waiting list may join after 1st August if there are still spare places. Associate members do not have voting rights at an AGM/SGM.


The subscription will be fixed at the AGM for the coming year. Members joining after 31st December will be charged half fees to the end of the financial year. Subscriptions must be paid by 31st May by existing members, thereafter membership will be offered to names on the waiting list.


This will be called by the Chairman on request of a majority of the committee or a fifth of the general membership.


Amendments to the constitution may be made by majority vote at the AGM or General meeting called for the purpose.


If a member is found to be in breach of Club rules, the Bailiff/Committee member may (at his/her discretion) immediately suspend membership. The member’s permit will be confiscated and they will be invited to attend the next committee meeting when a decision on further action will be taken.


A set of rules will be maintained by the committee for the control and the use of the Club facilities. These rules may be changed at any time by the committee or by the general members at an AGM or SGM on a majority vote. The rules will be considered to be in force once they have been notified in writing to the general membership. Anyone disregarding the rules will be liable for expulsion.

Note: The Constitution and Rules were written with the assumption that they are in addition to the NRA (now EA) rules which were in force in 1980